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Julieta is a 20 year old  Mexican writer from Chicago, Illinois. Julieta has always been passionate about writing since fifth grade when she won an award for best story. This moment set the writing stone into place for Julieta. She began writing her own stories and documenting her stories in millions of journals.

After graduating from Chicago Bulls College Prep, Julieta studied Criminology at DePaul University for one year. Julieta reflected on her educational career and took a step back. She decided to transfer to Harold Washington College to receive her Associates in History. Julieta is now looking forward to pursuing her Bachelors in Journalism at University of Illinois in Chicago. 

During mid-2019, Julieta received the opportunity to work for a new music publication Legends Of Tomorrow. Julieta felt extremely passionate about music and felt this would broaden her creativity. Julieta began writing reviews on albums, EPs, and singles. Later on, Julieta transitioned into writing analysis' on albums and music videos. Julieta has now worked with three publications and is currently working with a new music publication, Punkaganda Press. 

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